Boats, Boats, Boats!

NOVEMBER 05, 2018 // Daydreaming, Sailing

I wouldn't say that it's an end-goal in my travel adventures, but I definitely want to learn to sail. Thanks to websites such as SV Delos, Gone with the Wynns, and Monday Never (among several others), I was bitten by the sailing bug about three years ago. I keep wanting to learn, but finances, time, or friends who say they can teach me but then end up being super busy, keep thwarting my efforts. But it'll happen some day. And in the meantime, what better way to keep that flame burning that going to visit the nation's largest in-water sailboat show?

The United States Sailboat Show was the first week of October this year, and typically runs Thursday through Sunday. Thursday is the "VIP" day, so I opted to go on Friday. My thinking was it'd be less crowded than Saturday. Boy, was I wrong.

Boats, Boats, Boats!

Tenor IMG 3226 P1000466

What's The Plan?

As mentioned earlier, one of the websites/Youtube channels I follow is Monday Never. I actually recognized Will and Cat at the show, and stopped to say hello. Looks like they are in the market for a sailboat as well, which is awesome. I miss their videos. I didn't get to chat with them nearly long enough, but Cat asked a rather thoughtful question: "What's the plan?"

The Plan

As you can see above, I wrote that down. And then I went to lunch and thought about it, and mulled it over and I keep thinking about it. I think I've summed up the answer in four short words:

Get Off My Ass

As I've mentioned several times, sitting on my butt at a desk doing a corporate job 9-5 is not for me. Not anymore. So my new mantra is going to be Get Off My Ass (GOMA?). I'm going to work to get where I want to be.

Now the next question I need to ponder is: where is that place?

Stay tuned. We'll discover where that is together.

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